Urban Empowerment, which ran during 2010 and 2011, was one of five pilot projects within Mistra Urban Futures. The idea behind Urban Empowerment was to seek out new forms of participation that allow citzens to actively take part in urban development processes. The project is presented here in a few short film clips.

One of the project leaders, Jenny Stenberg, talks about the project’s background and starting points.

Gloria Esteban is involved in empowering cultural workers in Hammarkullen. She talks about the gulf between those who lead and those who live in Sweden.

José Romero is a cultural worker in the city district of Hammarkullen. He talks about involvement in associations and dialogue as a tool in a democracy.

The Meeting Place is an initiative we followed and supported. The driving force behind this initiative, Magdalena Djurachkovitch, talks about their efforts to increase integration.

Project participant Pål Castell talks about the search for new approaches to research.

Lasse Fryk, another participant in Urban Empowerment, talks about the need for institutional transformation in our increasingly complex society.

Iftiin is an association run by young people. Yasmin Hashi and Sarah Sunshine talk about social exclusion and the importance of young people having more influence.

Pia Borg, project participant and employed by the municipal administration, talks about citizen participation from a whole-city-perspective.

Anita Molin, teacher at Emma School and involved in the project, talks about how the school works in close cooperation with the local community: children are community builders.