As indicated under the heading Aim, with regard to capacity-building in which residents in Hammarkullen participate, the project has contributed by:

  • creating forms of citizen or resident participation in urban development processes at various levels.
  • participating in, supporting and developing forums for contact creation and networking between different city district actors, including residents
  • working, together with others, to make use of and spread knowledge about participation in urban development processes

This working method has allowed us to initiate and get involved in a number of activities, which are linked to each other in various ways. A history of these activities is briefly presented under the subheadings. In addition to these activities, we have also participated as documenting observers in several other meetings, seminars, walking tours, workshops, etc., as well as recording interviews with a number of activity participants to understand how they felt about participating. These activities have not been reported under their own headings here, but they have been part of our analysis.