The overall aim has been to develop capacity-building processes in which citzens or residents take part that are directly linked to two processes of change in the Hammarkullen area: a) regeneration of the community square and b) development of a university campus. Our efforts were expected to establish capacity-building processes, analyze how well this establishment worked and, at the end of the project, provide recommendations for how such processes can be developed and supported. Thus, the project has had two aims. First, we wished to contribute to capacity-building processes in which citizens or residents participate in Hammarkullen. We have done this by:

  • creating forms of resident participation in city development processes at various levels.
  • participating in, supporting and developing forums for contact and networking between different city district actors, including residents
  • working, together with others, to make use of and spread knowledge about participation in city development processes

Second, we also wanted the project to generate more general and theoretical knowledge about residents’ participation in urban development processes. We have done this by:

  • documenting what occurred in the participatory processes
  • describing how these processes have affected residents as well as the city’s and university centre’s inner processes and organization
  • critical reflecting on our methods and results relating this to previous practical experience and research