With this knowledge as a starting point, the pilot project participants began to understand more about the capacity institutions or organizations have, or could have, to face the challenges we have discussed.

One interesting question here is how prepared they are for getting involved in capacity-building processes to promote participation and learning in which residents take part.  

When we discussed the change some institutions in Hammarkullen seemed to have undergone, several concepts emerged. Reshape was one concept that included both a social and a physical dimension. In the end we decided on transformation, because it includes not only the social and physical dimensions, but can also be seen as the social equivalent to the concept adjustment or transition, which is a general term for describing a change society needs to make in order to adapt to climate change. Using the term transformation, we will try to understand more about the institutional prerequisites that exist in Hammarkullen, and the municipality as a whole, for facing the complex challenges that lie ahead.

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